Five Things That You Need to Know About Bubblews


Social networking is more popular than ever before. It not only connects you to your friends and family, but also is rapidly becoming a source of sharing views and ideas and even advancing small and large businesses, increasing their earning potential. Social networking startup Bubblews is capitalizing on all these aspects by combining social networking with individual revenue generation. Bubblews has been around since 2012, but, with its recent redesign and rebranding, it promises to use the content you post to modify its advertising stream, much like Facebook, Twitter or Google+, and pay you for it. It was cofounded by Jason Zuccari and Arvind Dixit say that the core belief of the venture is that people are the product and therefore, don't follow the advertising system followed by others in the same league, like Facebook or Twitter.

Here are five things that you must know before you sign up to claim your slice of the Bubblews pie:

The content you post on Bubblews is called Bubbles and can be anything under the sun. Much like any other contemporary social networking platform, users follow each other and have the option of liking and commenting on the Bubbles. You are paid a share of the receipts for every like, comment and unique views your post gets. While the earnings are small (approximately $.01 per like or comment), how much money you make is completely based on how popular your post is. It is basically a user based content and you are the master of your own earnings. Webroot.Com/Safe

Bubblews does not offer a mobile app for iOS or Android which is where the largest potential consumer base lies for them. Despite their recent efforts, this hasn't been sorted and may cause impediments in sustaining this venture.

Considering that it is still a relatively unknown website, the usual group of you-scratch-my-back-and-I-scratch-yours may not be available. It may take time for your friends and other members of your social network to join the website. Users can set up bots to automatically like or comment on their own posts and this bypasses the strict sharing policies of Bubblews. It has 2,00,000 users currently and about 2-5 % users are reportedly resorting to this tactic.

Each Bubble is supposed to have a minimum of 400 characters so that you can be as detailed as possible in order to attract more interest. Bubblews management says that this policy is put in place because they won't mine past data or use cookies and instead, attract relevant information for advertising from individual posts. The design per se is not very attractive with tons of ads on each side of your Bubbles, may be a newer design should be in the offing

There have been some problems with payouts in the past with a large number of users complaining that they weren't paid for their content or that their accounts were removed on account of non-compliance of some fine print in the strict rules and regulations in the user policy. However, Bubblews, with its new design has said that this kink has already been ironed out making payments smoother. A minimum of $50 is required for the cash out via PayPal. ||
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