iPhone-Android Cross Platform Apps that Promise Seamless Connectivity… Always


Cross-platform apps not only keep you easily connected, they also help you to share your thoughts and ideas instantly. Here's a list of the handiest five cross platform apps that we've handpicked for you. Check out the one you like the best... Microsoft Www.office.com/setup  


Every year thousands of women go missing without a trace. It is a scary world out there and you need to be your own guard. Thankfully, there's an app to help you stay safe. The Companion app follows you everywhere to help you travel back home safely. On lonely nights, when you are returning home alone from work or a party, this app will be your companion; enter the destination you're starting from and add a person to the list who would be constantly in the know of your whereabouts. This way they can be rest assured that you are in the safe zone. If the phone is dropped or you start running suddenly, the app will ask you "Are you OK?" If you fail to respond within 15 seconds of this message flashing, the app will alert your companion instantly. No, the person you've identified doesn't need to be using this app to be able to receive a notification! Enter your code - Mcafee.com/activate

Facebook Moments

On your iOS or Android device, you can use Facebook Moments for free. However, remember to save an original version of the pictures on a cloud storage medium as Moments compresses images and you could lose the actual resolution due to this. Nonetheless, Facebook Moments helps you organize, call and share images like almost in a jiffy. By making use of the facial recognition feature, it prompts you to share the images with your respective friends and even ask for images from the same event where you may be featuring. This way, it helps you create entire albums of an event, even if you may not have the images in your camera. Dowload AVG Antivirus

Since it sorts images as per date, location, etc., it makes it easier for you to find photos in no time.

Google Photos

Talk about a photo organizing tool and bet it can't be better than Google Photos! It is available for free for use on your iOS or Android-based device. Save all your nostalgic memories in this app and even share and collaborate with your friends, as and when you want. Google Photos organizes our pictures like none other and you can look through and find a specific image amongst thousands of others, simply by typing in the name. The app organizes your pictures as per date, names of people, things, places and more...Click Www.webrot.com/safe


You want videos, more than images, to tell your story? Use Vidku, the ultimate video sharing app for your iOS and Android-based device. Capture your videos and use this app to create short clips to narrate your tale. You can even pause in between the clips and add more clips to your story - even if the clips may have been separately shot! Create your videos and promptly share them with your friends... don't miss to enjoy the compliments...

Skype Qik

Another fun video sharing app is the Skype Qik that allows you to create video clips of up to 40 seconds long and share them with friends - individually or in a group. This video messenger is low on bandwidth and the simple to use interface comes across as a breeze. The best about this app is that videos over two weeks automatically get deleted from your device (iOS, Windows Phone, Android) leaving you with options to create more and more.

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